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What are Keara Kisses?

Keara Kisses for Modern Life-Keeping are insights that inspire healing and transformation for curious, open-minded thinkers, driven and ready to invest in themselves. If you landed on this page, you are being urged to awaken the power you have within yourself to live the best life you can imagine. Keara Kisses are for anyone ready to take quantum leaps to align with their infinite potential.

You have the potential to:

  • achieve extraordinary things
  • be happy
  • heal your life and live as your authentic self
  • overcome anything, including abuse, grief or trauma
  • realize your infinite potential
  • replace anxiety, fear and worry with belief and trust
FALL 2023

Modern Life-Keeping Retreats


The Art of Self Healing

Learn how to manage your mind, listen to your body and follow your heart. This retreat is designed for any individual who wants to discover their infinite potential and embrace their personal power.


Peaceful Parenting

Learn how to create a thriving, peaceful and loving environment for you and your child(ren). This retreat is designed for any parent who wants to support their child’s infinite potential in the 21st century.


Heal your Heart

Learn how to process the grief following the death of your child. This retreat is designed for any parent who has experienced the death of their child and who wants to honor their child by living life to its fullest.


Spirit Messages

I will channel messages from loved ones in spirit for you. We can learn about soul contracts, superpowers, life lessons and potential. I communicate with animals, Archangels, loved ones and spirit guides. I also work with Mother Mary to help you understand root cause of disease or illness. Messages are clear, direct and inspiring. Messages are of love and light and intended to facilitate healing, joy, love and peace.

1 hour reading



Tarot Reading

I will use tarot and oracle cards to channel messages for you. We will identify and release blockages that keep you stuck and patterns that no longer serve you. The messages will focus on what you need to know to heal yourself. All messages will be of love and light. No messages will be predictions or warnings. Messages are given in clear, direct and inspiring ways intended to facilitate healing and joy, love and peace.

1 hour reading



Learn How

I will teach you how to communicate with animals, spirit and yourself. I will teach you how to read tarot cards and the many ways you can connect with spirit. We can learn how to read and use crystals, how to use essential oils, how to mix herbs into healing remedies…

I offer group classes and 1:1 opportunities to learn. Courses and group classes will be listed on site when they become available.

1:1 per hour



Keara Kisses provides safe space for you to heal and transform your life.  

Keara Kisses offers:

  • Monthly Membership Program
  • Retreats
  • Support Circles
  • Weekly Podcasts, Videos and Blogs
  • 1:1 mentoring


My daughter, Keara, was born with a life threatening cancer that she fought hard and won, only to die suddenly at the age of 19.

 Learn more about Keara.

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Lori Cristine

Hi! I am Lori Cristine and I know what it feels like to want to live an authentic life, but also to feel challenged by the perceived elusiveness of this goal. You don’t have to wait for a tragedy to change your life, you can change it today. Learn more about Lori Cristine.