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Confidence is believing and knowing that you are enough exactly as you are. Do you have the confidence to show up and show out as your true self?  We are all enough, we just need to trust the knowing by believing.

Welcome to Modern Life-Keeping.  I am your host, Lori Cristine.  Each one of us has the confidence within ourselves to know that we are enough exactly as we are. The challenge is to trust this knowledge.


Inasmuch as we are unique, we are the same. We all have the same parts within us whether they are activated or not, thriving or dysfunctional, light or dark, etc. We all have fears and we all face obstacles, just like we have strengths and abilities, we have core beliefs and values.

Even though we have all these things in common, no two people will experience the same thing the same way. Our perception is something that comes from within us. We choose how we perceive things by the beliefs we embrace and the thoughts we choose to think.

Like perception, confidence comes from within us. Even though it is already within us, many of us feel blocked by confidence. We are blocked because we are out of alignment with our true self. Our true self is confident.   

When confidence comes up as an obstacle for us, we are being invited to overcome it. We overcome it by transmuting the limiting energy of lack into an energy that feels more expansive. Trust is the most obvious energy to embrace to change limiting energy to expansive energy.

Wonder about what it would look like to trust that you are enough. As you imagine this, you can maximize this with your intention. Intend to have the confidence. It’s within your reach, we just need to choose it. Confidence is a mindset that we can reach for and shift to.

The mindset of confidence is one of knowing, believing and trusting. Know, believe and trust that you have what it takes no matter what. Choose to embrace this mindset. How does it feel?  

We know that our feelings are triggered by our thoughts and that our thoughts are based on our beliefs. To feel more confident take a look at your core beliefs. Expansive core beliefs help you feel confident. Limiting beliefs contribute to a lack of confidence. They are often false, with no basis in reality. You have the power within yourself to choose expansive beliefs that allow you to be confident.

The easiest path to confidence is within yourself. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. The more you know yourself the more confident you will be. Confidence comes from knowing what is best for you. Only you know this for yourself. Believe in yourself. Be aware of  what makes you feel expansive versus what makes you feel limited. Know what serves your highest good, and aligns you with your unlimited potential. This information comes from within yourself. Confidence is a deep trust in yourself. 

You may wonder: How do you trust yourself when you are not really sure who you are? Getting to know yourself helps you to know your attitudes, behaviors, emotions, limits, triggers, etc. Getting to know yourself helps you to recognize patterns in your life. When you can recognize patterns and eliminate those that don’t serve you, you begin to gain trust in your ability to overcome anything. This trust is what builds your confidence.

Intend to be confident. Choose to trust your guidance system. Know that all the answers you need are within you. Become aware of opportunities for you to do this. Awareness allows you to see the opportunity in real time and to trust that you have the ability to respond in the best possible way.  Awareness also allows you to monitor the experience so you can change how you respond if necessary. Believing in your ability to know what is best for you equals confidence.  Knowing what is best for you requires you to know yourself on some level. 

Knowing you are a people pleaser and that it doesn’t serve you gives you the confidence to say no. Knowing that you feel better on a gluten free diet allows you not to care what others think about your diet. 

When we have the confidence to show up as our authentic self we are aligned with our infinite potential. Confidence means we have overcome caring about the opinions of others. It means we communicate in a genuine and sincere way.  We maximize what we can control and don’t worry about what we can’t. Our body language matches our verbal language. 

Like all things, balance is key. Be the amount of confident that feels right for you. Allow your confidence to blend with your energy signature so that there is no resistance. Don’t try to be confident, just intend to be confident and then be confident. Practice keeping your awareness on how the confidence feels and fine tune it along the way. It helps to remember that it is within you, the trick is to be aware of the energy of confidence, fine tuning your actions and thoughts until you hit the sweet spot of alignment. Once you recognize the sweet spot, you can train your thoughts to be in the sweet spot.

For me, I can appear confident, when I don’t feel confident. This can lead to conflict between what I am showing and how I am feeling. Other times the confidence reveals my potential, but my thoughts are not in alignment with it. When this happens I appear confident, but I don’t behave in a confident way. This impacts how others perceive me. I can see now how that disparity between my energy and my behavior caused conflicts in certain situations. 

If I want to dig deeper I can intend to understand how and where I came out of alignment with my confidence. Was I born this way? Was there a particular experience that eroded my confidence? I can explore this root cause to gain more information or clarity. I can also just trust that the timing is right for me to embrace being confident. Usually this will come after a breaking point of limited experiences where you didn’t embrace your confidence. We need the contrast of what it feels like to be out of alignment with confidence so that we can feel the difference when we are in alignment. Doesn’t that feel much more expansive than choosing to think that your childhood broke your confidence?

Create a calm space in your environment and in your mind. Feel self-love for yourself. Become aware without judgment of your attitudes, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts about your true self. Journal what you discover about yourself.


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Confidence is already within you. It is a belief that your true self is enough exactly as you are. You can reprogram your thoughts to think thoughts that embrace this belief in yourself. Get ready though because when you do, you will feel limitless!

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Until we meet again, keep wondering.


These blogs are written from my personal perspective.  I have over thirty years of experience investigating, counseling, assessing and understanding the nature of humans.  I look forward to creating a connection with you and sharing reciprocal positive experiences, comments and feedback about your life experiences and opportunities for growth.  Please feel free to comment below.  Positive comments only please.