Keara Kisses to Heal and Know Thyself

Wellness retreats, development circles and groups, monthly programs and mentoring opportunities for young adults and parents. We will focus on taking quantum leaps using education and self improvement practices that heal your mind, body and soul. Embrace your unique personal power to heal and know thyself while creating a life of inner peace and happiness. Be empowered to live your best life!

Keara Kisses is dedicated to supporting all individuals in their emotional, mental and spiritual developments so they can heal and know thyself!

Lori Cristine

Like many of you, I snoozed through life, knowing there was more, but not knowing how to find it. I spent valuable time chasing other peoples’ dreams, looking for purpose, playing out limiting beliefs, meeting societal expectations, while looking outside of myself for answers that could only come from within.

Then, my 19 year old daughter Keara died, and everything in my life was suddenly made clear.  This clarity allows me to embrace parenting, perspective, presence and purpose in a way that is freeing and peaceful. My life coming into focus also allows me to heal and to become more of my authentic self.  My experiences have resulted in blessings of insight that allow me to live in love and peace. The wisdom I have gained allows me to light the way for others to shine in a way that supports their soul. My personality, Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, experiences, and intuition have taught me how to heal myself. I am able to hold healing space while teaching others to realize their infinite potential.

Highly sensitive, strong-willed and spirited, I have faced a lifetime of challenges conforming with societal expectations. I am drawn to individuals experiencing similar challenges. My experience includes working with individuals who have attention deficit or other developmental abilities. I am also experienced at working through mental health issues and current or past abuse or trauma. 

Lori Cristine Photo
Lori Cristine


My daughter, Keara was born with cancer in her liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.    She experienced several surgeries, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. On and off life support and overdosed twice, all in the span of her first eight weeks of life, Keara was not expected to live. Complete remission came at age 5, and her story became a teaching opportunity for the doctors that managed her care.

Extremely empathetic and sensitive, Keara had a passion for helping children. She considered becoming a psychiatrist, forensic psychologist, english teacher…..She was an invaluable resource for parents and staff at the local community center where she planned and supervised childcare activities, while pursuing her college education. Many parents expressed love and gratitude for Keara being in the life of their child or children. She touched the lives of many while remaining humble.

Keara impacted and continues to impact me in ways that words cannot express.

Keara Kisses is in honor of Keara and the wisdom, love and kindness she had in her heart. I believe Keara remains by my side, shining her bright light and sharing love and peace that rains down on me like kisses. Keara Kisses offers support and encouragement, as well as practical tips so you can thrive in the 21st century.