RETREATS are an opportunity to focus your attention, energy and intention on healing specific areas of your life. Each retreat focuses on a different topic: personal, family or grief. Small groups of hand selected, like-minded individuals will unite to share experiences, insights and knowledge.

Each retreat will teach you to manage your mind, listen to your body and follow your heart so that you can reach your potential. Invest in yourself today. You are worthy of inner peace and happiness.

Retreats that facilitate breakthroughs for transformative healing.

The Art of Self Healing Retreat

Learn the art of being happy by aligning your mind, body and soul with your infinite potential. Create empowering habits, embrace your power, dispel limiting beliefs that are blocking your soul development, and discover who you are. You are all that you need to have all that you want. Discover yourself today and learn lifelong skills that will transform your life.

Living After the Death of a Child

Share and process this experience with other parents. Heal your grief in a way that empowers, inspires and uplifts you, as well as your loved one. Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to not just live, but to thrive after the death of your child. It is possible to heal from the death of your child, and I will show you how.

Peaceful Parenting

Co-create thriving relationships with your child(ren). Develop a parenting plan that empowers, inspires and uplifts every member of your family unit. Learn ways to parent yourself and your children that support healthy relationships and lifelong learning.