a retreat to expand your ability to consciously and responsively parent to strengthen,

support and sustain a thriving family.

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In the Peaceful Parenting Retreat

you will create a strategic parenting plan – strategies to engage, inspire and support yourself and your family. You will also:

  • Create empowering habits of conscious parenting
  • Differentiate reactive from responsive parenting
  • Dispel limiting beliefs
  • Embrace and manage your personal power
  • Heal emotional wounds and outdated thinking patterns
  • Identify and learn how to overcome barriers to success
  • Learn how to manage your expectations
  • Recognize and embrace your superpowers, as well as those of your child(ren)

3 main areas of focus:

  • Assess current parenting skills
  • Identify and visualize what a thriving family is to you
  • Strategize the action steps to sustain a thriving family

What the retreat provides:

  • a deeper understanding of yourself and your child(ren)
  • empowering beliefs about parenting
  • techniques to communicate with your child(ren)
  • tools to identify and manage your parenting skills
  • ways to recognize and learn from your child(ren)

What is this retreat and who it is for?

Peaceful Parenting is an intense, 3 day interactive workshop intended to challenge parents to release old beliefs, judgments, stories and wounds so that they can co-create thriving families. It teaches tools to access and expand emotional, mental and spiritual awareness, facilitating a shift in knowledge, skills and abilities that will change how parents show up for themselves and their family.

This retreat is designed for parents who are experiencing difficulty parenting their child or children, as well as parents who want to be the best parent possible. It is for parents with exceptional children, including children with different abilities such as ADHD, Autism and other developmental abilities. It is for parents raising children who are highly sensitive, spirited and/or strong-willed.

Ideal participants…

  • Demonstrate an open and readiness to learn attitude.
  • Desire to achieve extraordinary things.
  • Have no one to blame.
  • Respect others, the process of self development, as well as the outcome(s).
  • Show up, present and accounted for,  willing to invest resources, time and energy in their dreams.
  • Speak their truth and value authenticity.
  • Want to surround themselves with inspiring people.
After completing this retreat you can expect to have clarity, confidence and perspective that expands who you are as a parent and how you interact with your child(ren).

Peaceful Parenting Retreat includes:

  1. One 45 minute 1:1 pre-retreat phone call
  2. One group pre-retreat zoom call
  3. Three days immersed in exclusive content
  4. A community of hand-picked individuals with similar goals
  5. One individualized parenting plan
  6. Over 40 hours of course materials and support
  7. Two group post-retreat zoom sessions
  8. Up to 5 night stay depending on your travel needs
  9. 11 meals including snacks, dessert, coffee, tea and water
  10. $4444

Power Up Your Parenting

Schedule a 15 minute complimentary call to determine if this retreat is right for you.

What We Will Do on this Peaceful Parenting Retreat

Retreat Day 1

Understand who and where you are as a parent

  • Assess your foundations as a parent.
  • Examine cause and effect relationships.
  • Explore your childhood programming.
  • Learn major developmental stages of youth.
  • Question hidden beliefs and false truths.
  • Recognize how you are showing up as a parent.

Retreat Day 2

Identify your version of a thriving family

  • Analyze how you parent yourself.
  • Assess behaviors and what they are communicating.
  • Become aware of the power you have as a parent.
  • Examine the role attachment, ego and expectations play in parenting.
  • Describe the developmental needs of your child(ren).

Retreat Day 3

Identify the action steps to co-creating a thriving family

  • Choose how you will assess your progress and evaluate your outcomes.
  • Create a visualization of the best version of yourself as a parent.
  • Devise a plan of action steps toward your goal(s).
  • Identify character, personality and superpowers of yourself and your child(ren).
  • Plan action steps towards your goal(s).

When you give yourself permission to succeed, the investment you make in yourself WILL yield valuable and as life-changing results.