A retreat that will change your life.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

In The Art of Self Healing Retreat you will reclaim your dreams and create a roadmap to your soul’s desire.

Following this retreat, you can expect to have:

  • clarity, confidence, and motivation to follow your dreams
  • empowering beliefs and habits that align you with your dreams
  • identified and embraced superpowers unique to you
  • thinking patterns that empower you
  • tools to heal emotional wounds and outdated thinking

3 main areas of focus:

  • Manage your mind
  • Listen to your body
  • Follow your heart

What the retreat provides:

  • a deep understanding of yourself
  • healing methods you can use everyday
  • insights that inspire you
  • perspective that empowers you
  • strategies that offer you direction and purpose

What it is and who it is for

The Art of Being Happy Retreat is an intense, 3 day interactive workshop intended to challenge you to release old beliefs, judgments, stories and wounds. It teaches tools to access your emotional, mental and spiritual intelligence, facilitating a shift in self awareness, motivation and happiness.

This retreat is designed for individuals who truly want to know and heal themselves. It is for individuals who have experienced abuse, neglect, or trauma and/or for those who are confused, feeling misunderstood, lonely or lost. It is especially for those ready to take their life to the next level, regardless of their circumstances or experiences.

Ideal participants…

  • Demonstrate an open and readiness to learn attitude.
  • Desire to achieve extraordinary things.
  • Have no one to blame.
  • Respect others, the process of self development, as well as the outcome(s).
  • Show up, present and accounted for,  willing to invest resources, time and energy in their dreams.
  • Speak their truth and value authenticity.
  • Want to surround themselves with inspiring people.
After completing this retreat you can expect to have the knowledge, skills and abilities to be happy.

Retreat includes:

  1. One 45 minute 1:1 pre-retreat phone call
  2. One group pre-retreat zoom call
  3. Three days immersed in exclusive content
  4. A community of hand-picked individuals with similar goals
  5. One soul strategic plan customized for you
  6. Over 40 hours of course materials and support
  7. Two group post-retreat zoom sessions
  8. Up to 5 night stay depending on your travel needs
  9. 11 meals including snacks, dessert, coffee, tea and water
  10. $4444


Schedule a 15 minute complimentary call to determine if this retreat is right for you.

What We Will Do on this Retreat

Retreat Day 1
Strategic Thinking

Manage your mind

  • Learn how to consciously process your thoughts.
  • Construct strategies for more effective thinking and communicating.
  • Identity and heal thinking patterns, hidden beliefs and wounds that have become obstacles to your development.
  • Inventory your life knowledge, skills and abilities.

Retreat Day 2
Body Talk

Listen to your body

  • Evaluate when emotional and physical bodies are in alignment.
  • Identify and heal the root cause of one or more personal health concerns.
  • Interpret, process and release emotions that are blocking your progress.
  • Recognize how feelings communicate with you.
  • Understand your personal energy signature.

Retreat Day 3
Soul Planning

Follow your heart

  • Create a visualization of the best version of yourself.
  • Develop a plan of action toward your goal(s).
  • Explore your life purpose and life goals.
  • Formulate how you will assess your progress and evaluate your outcomes.
  • Identify and assess your unique superpowers.

When you give yourself permission to succeed, the investment you make in yourself WILL yield valuable and life-changing results.