This retreat will expand your perspective on death.

“Grief does not change you. It reveals you.”

John Green

In this retreat you will learn ways to process your grief following the death of your child.

You can expect to:

  • gain new perspective regarding your experience
  • learn ways to communicate with your child
  • process your grief with other parents
  • recognize the power you have to heal yourself

Main Topics

  • Honoring our experience
  • Exploring the experience
  • Accepting the reality
  • Living as the person you inevitably are

What the retreat provides:

  • empowering beliefs regarding death
  • new perspective(s) regarding death and parenting
  • opportunity to share how you honor your child
  • storytelling that illustrates your experiences with love and peace
  • understanding of the lessons taught through death

What is this retreat and who it is for?

Living after the death of your child is an intense, 3 day interactive workshop intended to empower you to heal your heart, mind and soul following the death of your child. It teaches tools to access your emotional, intellectual and spiritual awareness, facilitating the healing of your grief.

This retreat is designed for individuals who have experienced the death of their child.

Ideal participants…

  • Demonstrate an open and readiness to learn attitude.
  • Desire to achieve extraordinary things.
  • Respect others, the process of self development, as well as the outcome(s).
  • Show up, present and accounted for,  willing to invest resources, time and energy in their dreams.
  • Speak their truth and value authenticity.
  • Want to surround themselves with inspiring people.
After completing this retreat you can expect to have a perspective that facilitates the
healing of your grief.

This retreat includes:

  1. One 45 minute 1:1 pre-retreat phone call
  2. One group pre-retreat zoom call
  3. Three days immersed in exclusive content
  4. A community of hand-picked individuals with similar experience
  5. Empowering lessons that honor your journey
  6. Over 40 hours of course materials and support
  7. Two group post-retreat zoom calls
  8. Up to 5 night stay depending on your travel needs
  9. 11 meals including snacks, dessert, coffee, tea and water
  10. $4444

Heal your Grief

Schedule a 15 minute complimentary call to determine if this retreat is right for you.

What We Will Do on this Retreat

Retreat Day 1
Honoring Your Experience

  • Accept that how you honor your experience is your choice.
  • Develop specific strategies to honor your child.
  • Explore ways to heal your grief.
  • Identify and share the essence of your child with others.

Retreat Day 2
Explore the Experience

  • Assess various perspectives on death.
  • Evaluate what you have learned or can learn from this experience.
  • Identify beliefs around death.
  • Interpret the messages your emotions are communicating.
  • Recognize the present moment.

Retreat Day 3
Accept Your Reality

  • Choose the most empowering story for yourself and your child.
  • Create empowering habits and strategies that facilitate your healing.
  • Identify the power you have within yourself to heal.
  • Select thoughts and behaviors that support your healing.

When you give yourself permission to succeed, the investment you make in yourself will yield valuable and well as life-changing results.