Support circles are weekly 90 minute groups of individuals that are meeting to share experiences, insights and solutions. Support circles have many benefits in addition to individuals supporting each other. These benefits include: sharing problem solving strategies and solutions with others, increasing coping skills, inspiring solutions, building connections and affordability. Each group includes small group breakout sessions, Q&A, educational tips, practical insights, as well as tools to heal your life. You can sign up for one week or several weeks, the choice is yours. Topics will be based on interests and needs of group members. Groups will also offer opportunities for you to practice your skills with each other. Feedback is encouraged and welcome. All information will be kept confidential and groups will be facilitated with zero tolerance for judgment. Join us as together we learn ways to heal ourselves. Whatever you are experiencing, you are not alone!

Modern Life-Keeping Group for 15-19 year olds

Modern Life-Keeping Group for 20-25 year olds

Modern Life-Keeping Group for 26- 40 year olds

Modern Life-Keeping Group for 21st Century Parents

Modern Life-Keeping Group for parents living after the death of a child