Mentoring 1:1 with Lori Cristine

Mentoring 1:1 with Lori Cristine is a personalized service.

Who you wish to be is who you already are, I will show you how to access all you are deep within yourself. I will guide you on your path of enlightenment and show you how to harness and maximize your personal power. I will teach you how to think better feeling thoughts so that you can live in a state of love and peace.

If you prefer to work alone and/or you want to start today, then this service is for you. I have limited spaces for mentoring so a discovery call is necessary to determine feasibility for each of us. After the discovery call, we will work out a mutually agreeable plan that fits your budget, intention(s) and schedule. We can meet as often or as little as you prefer to meet your goals. It is completely up to you! It is your journey to create and I will support you on it.

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery call with me to determine if we are a good fit.

$144 per session

Discovery Call

Lori Cristine

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA