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We all have the ability to co-create our best life.  We co-create with whomever we see as our partner – God, Mother Nature, Universal Energy or anyone or thing else that feels right. What follows are 7 basic steps for co-creating your best life.  

1. Assess and inventory yourself to the best of your ability.  This is an ongoing process that you should update as often as possible.  We all have the capacity to be constantly evolving and as we evolve our perception and inventory of knowledge, skills and abilities will also change.  Make it a habit to know thyself and to understand your strengths, triggers, challenges and dreams.  Learn to be aware of opportunities and lessons in your life, as well as opportunities to release what no longer serves you.

2. With gratitude, set the intention to align with your best self.  Intend to see what you need to see, hear what you need to hear, and know what you need to know in order to match the vibration of your best life.

Take the time to acknowledge what you are grateful for.  Even in our darkest moments there are many things to be grateful for.  Focusing our attention on what we are grateful for demonstrates that we appreciate what we already have and don’t take it for granted.   

Use your imagination to picture what you look like as your best self.  What are you feeling?  Spend time with your imagination conjuring up these images about your feelings while simultaneously being thankful for your ability to do so.  You don’t need to get more specific than this.   This generality allows energy to flow.  When we get too specific we block the flow of energy.  For example, if we say we will only be happy when we have 2 children, one boy and one girl, a perfect spouse, a specific house and job we don’t allow what is best for us to flow to us.  There is no room for magic when we are too specific!  And, be careful what you wish for, you may manifest a spouse that thinks they are perfect!  Be open to the possibilities that exist in an infinite and abundant universe such as ours.  Imaginate the feeling of your best life.

3. Allow thoughts, but don’t think.  Pay attention to the thoughts that pop into your head, but don’t go down the rabbit hole.  Observe the thought.  Thoughts are raw material that we can create from.  

Thinking is our ego’s way of picking the thought apart until it is no longer a threat – most likely by burying it so deep we no longer recognize it! Overanalysis is an unnecessary and counterproductive use of your energy and magic. Allow thoughts to come to you instead of “trying” to think thoughts.

So if you are imagining your best life and you get the word “happy” don’t go too deeply into what that looks like.  You can imagine or picture yourself as “happy,” but don’t start thinking about how great your life will be when you are happy. Thinking creates openings for your ego to suggest pitfalls in your happiness.  

Simply sit in the emotion of happiness.  Feel it instead of thinking it. This is very powerful.  

You can use words to manifest as well, as our words are very powerful.  You just want to allow room for the universe to send you something better than you can imagine.  Be open to the possibilities, but choose your words wisely.  So you can affirm “I live my best life.”  “I am aligned with my true self.”  “I live in harmony.”  “I am joy, love and peace.”  “I see what I need to see, hear what I need to hear and know what I need to know.”  This facilitates energy flow in the direction of what is best for you at this point of your journey.  

Tuning into the vibration that aligns with your best self is the most direct way to get there.  

4. Take inspired action steps.  Do things that align with your best life.  Don’t wait for tomorrow or for your best life to be here in order to do these things.  Co-create your best life.  If you want to be healthier through exercise, take inspired action steps towards exercising each and every day.  If in your best life you eat healthy foods, then eat healthy foods today!  Act as if you are already living your best life.  The time is now.  The opportunity exists in this present moment.  Be aware of and open to the opportunities that surround you!

5.  Be patient and trust whatever you experience.  This helps you to remain in the flow of things.  When we are disappointed or upset about experiences, we block the flow of energy.  

Experiences are here to show you something.  What is it?  It can just as easily be showing you what you don’t want as what you do.  If you can learn to extract the parts of the experience that gave you wisdom, do that and release the rest of the experience.  Once you have taken the wisdom the other aspects of the experience are no longer necessary.  They served their purpose and can be released.  That way we don’t hang on to the emotions that can keep us stuck.

If you find that you are manifesting things that you don’t want, you may be being too general, but also not specific enough. For example asking for abundance could result in an abundance of bad luck.  Instead you might affirm that “money flows easily to me.”  Instead of asking for a “perfect spouse” affirm connecting with the “perfect spouse for me.”

If our best life involves having children but we are told that we physically cannot, how can we respond?  If we respond with anger, depression or other negative emotions we block the flow of energy and prevent ourselves from having children.  If we remain open to co-creating we may discover the joy of adopting children who may have been left unloved by others.  Now we have an opportunity to be joy, love and peace to someone else.   Release limiting beliefs of how to become a parent.

For those of you looking for someone to share your life with, be your own best friend.  Be whole first so that you can attract someone who is also whole.  If you have not attracted that special someone, it may be a sign that you have some more healing to do.

Be patient and trust.  Use what you are manifesting as an indicator of where you are in relation to where you want to be and adjust accordingly.

6. Be aware of and open to opportunities.  Opportunities surround us but we must be aware in order to recognize them.  We must also be willing to see below the surface and to take a leap of faith. 

Being aware means being present in the moment.  Be aware of what is going on around you.  Listen when people speak.  Observe how people are acting.  And tune into and follow your intuition.   Most importantly, be aware of and open to the opportunity you have in this present moment to vibrate at a frequency that resonates with you.  If you are not sure what that vibration is, aim for unconditional love and your vibration will raise!

To vibrate at a frequency of unconditional love, see things through the lens of unconditional love.   Act as if you are the energy of unconditional love.  I promise if you do this magic will happen.  People will begin to respond to you in a different way.  You will raise the vibration of those around you just by being in a higher vibration yourself.  I invite you to try it for one day, one hour, one moment.  See how that feeling feels.   

7.  And finally, evaluate your outcomes.  Check in with yourself.  Take time to evaluate what you are manifesting then accept it or do the work to discover why you are manifesting what you are manifesting.  Remember it is a process that requires focus.  If you are not manifesting your best life just yet, take time to evaluate what you have manifested.  Are they stepping stones to your best life?  Are they lessons you need to understand so you can move forward?  Are you throwing up blocks or resistance because you have a false belief that you are not worthy of living a better life?

We are all meant to live in joy, love and peace.  Identify your tools, be grateful, intentional and imaginative, manage your thinking, take inspired action, be patient and trust, be aware and open, and evaluate your progress.  Feel the energy of your best life and live in that vibration. It’s really that simple.


These blogs are written from my personal perspective.  I have over thirty years of experience investigating, counseling, assessing and understanding the nature of humans.  I look forward to creating a connection with you and sharing reciprocal positive experiences, comments and feedback about your life experiences and opportunities for growth.  Please feel free to comment below.  Positive comments only please.