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Emotions are energy in motion.  A byproduct of our thoughts.  This energy is communicated to us through vibrations that create our feelings.  Our feelings are a direct result of our thoughts.  We can begin to tune in to the energy of our feelings in order to understand how our thoughts are serving or sabotaging us.

Feelings of higher vibration feel light and clear.  Feelings of lower vibration feel heavy and dark.  Your emotions communicate the frequency you are vibrating at, in any given moment.  Emotions communicate to you the energy of your thoughts. They show you what type of energy you are manifesting.    

Our feelings are automatic.  They show up whether we like it or not.   We can’t fool them or change them.  They are true indicators of our thoughts.  Our emotions reveal our attitude and perspective on life.  Emotions display our point of view, our attitude, they reveal a lot about us.  Whether we show our feelings, we hide behind them or we hide them from ourself or others, our feelings are communicating important information.  The feelings won’t magically disappear.  Our emotions will persevere at communicating their message until we change the vibration of our thoughts.

What kinds of feelings do you have?  Are there certain ones that feel worse than others?  Ones that keep showing up over and over again?

If you feel sad, you are thinking thoughts that your brain is perceiving as sad.  If you feel sad or depressed more than an hour or so, your emotions are now a mood, gaining magnitude and greater impact on your life.   Imagine what a mood consisting of joy would look like!  

When you don’t allow emotions to flow through you, you feel stuck.  You repeat the same patterns over and over.  You feel depressed, anxious and powerless.  This can happen when we are not present in the moment, not aware of our feelings, or when we become ungrounded from our body.  It can also happen if we don’t get to the root of our feelings.  The root is almost always a thought, a programmed belief or an attitude.  We can examine what is behind the emotion to understand the message it is offering.  

Learn to notice how your emotion feels.

Is it heavy or light?  Dark or bright?  Powerful or powerless?  Expansive or limiting?  Strong or weak?  Positive or negative?  Free or restrictive?  Begin to note the many different emotions you have so you can identify them easily.  With practice you will be able to associate the feeling with a limiting or false belief that you have programmed in your subconscious.  This is necessary to transmute the feeling into a higher vibrational feeling that aligns you with the best version of yourself.  We manifest our dreams from a high vibration and our nightmares from a low vibration.  

Ask yourself what triggered your emotion.  Was it a thought, a behavior, an experience?  When the emotion is positive, see what in your life is being validated.  Which parts of yourself are in balance?

If the emotion is negative, keep diving deeper until you identify the limiting belief you have that is generating the emotion.  

An example might be:  you feel a flash of anger when someone cuts you off in traffic.  Notice the emotion.  How does it feel?  For me, anger feels limiting, hot, red, burning, tight.  It is not a feeling I want to embrace.  I ask it why is it showing up? 

The answer always points to a gap between my thoughts and my reality. I have a belief that does not resonate with reality.   Reality is that anyone can cut you off in traffic for any reason, and not show you any consideration for doing so.  Where is my power in this situation?  Is it flipping the driver off, stewing in my anger and lashing out elsewhere, or is it in exploring the emotion deeper?  The fastest and most effective way to transmute this negative emotion is to get to the root cause so that I can reach for a better feeling thought.

As I look closer, I see that my anger is coming from a lack of control.  I can dig deeper and find that I feel powerless that people can act that way without being accountable to anyone or anything.  Why does this make me angry?  Because I have a belief that people should be accountable for their actions.  This belief does not serve me and my emotions are letting me know this.  

Looking deeply at my belief, I discover that it feels limiting.  It also feels false in light of the reality that accountability comes from within and not everyone values it or sees it the way I do.  If I change my limiting belief I can respond differently in the future.  Instead of reacting with anger, I can respond with acceptance that the reality is I am not responsible for how people drive.  I can embrace a better feeling belief that the accountability of others is none of my business.  These thoughts evoke a much lighter and freer feeling closer to love than the message of anger.  Of course, if they are completely reckless and continue to be, I can dial 911.

If you can learn to observe the emotion, examine why it is showing up, embrace the message, show gratitude for its message and release it, you will release the energy of that emotion.  The emotion will have accomplished its mission – to communicate with you.

Emotions are not happening to us, they are happening for us.  We can take a good hard look at what emotions show up over and over again.  We can communicate and ask them directly why they are showing up.  We can observe how they make us feel to understand what they are communicating.  We can examine the thoughts, programming or attitude that triggered the emotion. Giving thanks to the emotion reminds us not to take our emotions for granted. 

Look at the patterns in your life.  What shows up the most?  What is your goto emotion?  Is it joy?  Peace?  Love?  If not, what?  Imagine if those were your goto emotions.  The ones you responded with?  What would your life look like then?  Imagine how you would feel!  Think of the manifestations from this vibration!

Many of us have been taught to stuff down our emotions.  To not allow them to take over.  To not feel our emotions.  We have denied, minimized and defended our emotions.  How many of us have been taught to communicate with our emotions to understand what message they are sending?  There is so much being told to us through our emotions.  It is our responsibility to look at the lesson in the emotions, particularly the recurring ones.  Are we living our life from a place of peace, love and joy or are we mired in hate, greed and fear?  Which emotions do you want to vibrate at?

Take the energy of any lower vibrational emotions and transform it into a higher vibration.  Use the intensity of the emotion to guide you then set your focus on a better feeling thought, embrace that thought and charge it with the intensity of your emotion and allow that to manifest better feelings!  

Being aware of your emotions in the moment, assessing them and leaning into the message helps you to use emotions strategically and to your advantage.  Allow your emotions to move through you so that they do not become stuck.  When negative emotions become stuck because they are too heavy and dense, they create blockages.  These blockages begin with an emotion, move on to a mood and can later become a disease. 

You have the potential to vibrate in the energy of joy, love and peace.  Make joy, love and peace your baseline and measure all other emotions against this baseline.  Your thoughts are vibrating automatically as emotions, manage your thoughts and you will manage your emotions.  Regulating our emotions contributes to the balance our mind, body and soul needs to thrive.  We can heal ourselves in this vibration.

Since our feelings are a measurement or indicator of our thoughts, we can use them to assess the quality and vibration of the thoughts we are thinking.  Understand your emotions by becoming aware of them as you are experiencing them.  Be an observer and watch as the feeling washes over you.  Allow yourself to feel the energy of the feeling, but don’t absorb it.  See it, don’t be it. When the emotion feels good, embrace it and BE it.  When it feels less than good, examine it and transmute it into a better feeling thought.

We all have the power to reach for a better feeling perspective.  Instead of being caught in our emotions and feelings, we can use them as they were intended – as messengers.  These messengers tell us where we are in relation to where we want to be.  Understand your emotions as they are a measure of your vibration.  Practice thinking good feeling thoughts as often as possible throughout your day and wait for the magic to happen!


These blogs are written from my personal perspective.  I have over thirty years of experience investigating, counseling, assessing and understanding the nature of humans.  I look forward to creating a connection with you and sharing reciprocal positive experiences, comments and feedback about your life experiences and opportunities for growth.  Please feel free to comment below.  Positive comments only please.